Best ways to get your partner on board?

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      Just thought it owuld be fun to hear about the best ways you have heard of to help convince your partner to join you in this lifestyle. Can be from cuck or hotwife perspective 🙂

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      Some of the best ways I have heard:

      – Showing them your desires through porn

      – Explaining why it turns you on

      – Roleplay

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      Understand what her fantasies and kinks are, and see if any of them align with this lifestyle. Next have a good old convocation about what she’d and you would like to try sexually, get the convocation going. Start with sex club or party (if you have any local to you), or try a dating site and create her an account just for fun (you can do that on Tinder or Adult friend finder). Next start slow with cam sex or her going on a solo date or playing with another couple and work up to the hottest parts of your cuckold fantasy. Usually, most couples will know if this lifestyle is for them after a few play dates or a few visits to an adult club/party.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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